• Ștefan Radu Crețu – „Soft Talk”

  • Bianca Drimbău, Nicolae Drimbău – „Reflect”

  • Arantxa Etcheverria – „Arhitecturi”

  • Minitremu: Diana Grigorescu, Medeea Henț, Laura Borotea, Gabriel Boldiș – „Lighthouses”

  • Ionel Pascu – „Bolta”

  • Iarina Tava, Ana Porim – „Golden Ticket”


  • Julien Britnic – „Abstract Carving”
  • Mihai Iepure – Gorski – „The Fall Of Carl Andre”
  • Florian Ionescu – „Forma Luminii”
  • Daniel Pop – „Tranzacție Dantelată”

*in alphabetical order





We encourage architects to draw inspiration from this years’ festival theme: #BOHEMIANBLAST


The allocated budget for each winning installation is up to EUR 3,000 per winner.


The selection criteria taken into consideration by the Jury are: originality and creativity, concept, impact, feasibility. Any architect or group of architects may submit more than one proposal. We strive to respect the organic and architectural features of the park. Artists should avoid damaging the environment and all materials used must be able to withstand hard weather conditions.

For more details on terms of participation, timeline essay writer and other important aspects, please carefully read the ARTDOOR Official Regulation.

The Jury

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Mircea Cantor

Romanian-born artist who follows in the tradition of French artist Marcel Duchamp. Known for examining competing ideologies, war, displacement, the self and the other, the multivalence. His art-mark is the manner in which he employs readymade objects in evocative, metaphorical videos or mixed-media installations.

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Attila Kim

Architect and Romania’s Commissioner for Biennale di Venezia International Art Exhibition. His projects include: exhibitions for the Venice Biennale, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) and Romanian Design Week/Diploma. Awarded by Aspen Institute of Romania with the Arts and Society Leadership Award for his contribution to the Cultural Patrimony.

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Angela Kovacs

President of The Romanian Order of Architects, Mureș Subsidiary, board member of the Technical Commission of Urbanism for Mureș county and renowned architect. Supporter extraordinaire of cultural and artistic expression and developer of various projects which make art and culture accessible to communities.

15 – 18 August 2019 Teleki Estate / Gornești / Mureș